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Artes Christi Australia Inc (ACA) is an arts association based in Sydney with a specific focus on expressing faith through the arts. We are a community of artists focused on promoting "the true, the good and the beautiful" by presenting works that are authentic, transcendent and inspiring for people of every age. Formally established in 2005, Artes Christi’s mission is ‘to seek the Face of Christ through the arts’.

Artes Christi’s musicals, plays, concerts and festivals have engaged audiences of over 50,000 people across Australia as well as in Europe, whilst raising over $75,000 for numerous charities including Yalari Indigenous Education, the MacKillop Canonisation Appeal, the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal, the QLD Flood Appeal, Young Australians with a Disability and the St Vincent De Paul Christmas & Winter Appeals.  

Artes Christi's projects have included over 15 major theatrical productions including Hamlet (2016), Fiddler on the Roof (2012), A Man For All Seasons (2011) and MacKillop (2010) whilst the Artes Christi Choir & Orchestra have been touring annually across Australia for the past 5 years singing in Cathedrals, Churches and local communities.  A landmark tour to Europe was also held in December 2015 where the Artes Christi Choir & Orchestra sang and performed at St Peter's Basilica at the Vatican, St Francis Basilica Assisi, Notre Dame Basilica Paris, and in London, Oxford and Cambridge.



‘Artes Christi’ is Latin for ‘the Arts of Christ’ and our motto is St Augustine’s profound reflection on Christ: “Beauty ever ancient, ever new.” This motto was chosen not only for its poetic and theological meaning but also because it speaks to the core of Artes Christi’s creative work at this important time in history.

With the rapid expansion of the internet and online global communications we live in an age more than ever ‘dominated by youth.’ This has resulted in an often significant cultural divide between younger and older generations and consequently, Artes Christi has chosen to strive to produce and promote creative work which speaks to people of every age. Whilst some would question whether such work is possible, we believe that through research, practise and prayer, such work can and has been achieved. Examples of it can been seen in all the major artistic mediums from visual art to architecture from music and theatre to films and documentaries.

As an arts association inspired by the Christian Faith, Artes Christi thus seeks creative expressions which are truly universal in their cultural appeal - work for which St Augustine’s words might be an apt description.



Christmas in the City 

The Hunchback of Notre Dame 

The Gospel of St John

The Jeweller's Shop


The Wiz

Fiddler On the Roof



For more information on the work of Artes Christi please email us.